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tv   Doc Film - The Marathon Women - The Long Run to Equality  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 8:30am-9:01am CET

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and the prospects for those returning home. to join the discussion on t.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for attorneys d.w. may form on. the d w media center see it find it here it discover. video and audio podcast and language courses in the d w media center at media center dot de w. dot com. as for i don't know if i did have the courage to run where i wasn't allowed.
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and i saw this space and this man grabbed me like this and he sed green get the hell out of my race. it was big we didn't know how big it would be. good ms doesn't become one of the great things in school and sports and sports history let's be honest with. that. was. boston massachusetts a city on the east coast of the united states the world's biggest and most important market is held here this year will be the one hundred twenty first time.
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person this boston marathon because it the whole tradition it's the oldest marathon in the world is that it's also some other time that there are. thirteen thousand women now participate in the boston marathon that's an incredible think and. catherine switzer is seventy years old and yet she still the star at this year's boston marathon. she talks about the event she experienced fifty years ago she sought after everywhere including here at burns to sixty one running group named after capturing switzer's famous number from the n one nine hundred sixty seven.
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when she talks about running it's always about life as well she's an inspiration to us all on. a walk with katherine switzer. we're heading to the finish line of the boston marathon. i don't show it to you. in a few days' time she wants to run this race again fifty years after the original event . i'm watching it and then they watch the race right there at. nine hundred sixty six i heard from a friend of mine who ran cross country about an event called the boston marathon and it lodged in my brain that someday i would really love to do that and i said to him hey did a girl run the boston marathon too and he said yes in one thousand nine hundred sixty six bobby get jumped on. the bushes and ran the race. bobby gibbs had run the
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boston mountain one year before catherine but without an official number she got onto the track from a hiding place and i said well that's great see a woman can do it twenty six miles forty two kilometers sure. her father encouraged the young katherine to do long distance running despite the many prejudices. people still whispered about the medical implication you know that maybe you're going to turn into a man maybe you are a man or that you're going to get big legs or that your uterus is going to fall out you'll never have children all of these things were myths that held women back and made them afraid and also made men say we have to protect women we can't let them do these long distance things we don't want them to hurt themselves. in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven only men were officially allowed to run the marathon and yet switzer registered for boston so i filled out the entry form but i
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signed it of course how i signed my name k.v. switzer and when the entry form when they thought it was from a man i didn't know that it wasn't intentional i was only going to boston to run. the beginning the beginning of the race the day was like no other boston marathon zero marathons we go went to the starting line is so us some people some people we didn't know interviewed came back. we we went and then they we went on a bus a press bus after about two or three miles it warmed up and everyone was taking off the hoods the buses the buses going by a pack and suddenly a boston writer said. jock there's a woman in your race. john christy. who's various he
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didn't know what to say yes he said stop the bus stop the bus off of this bus behind me came one of the co race directors his name was john simple and the men on the bus the journalists had been teasing him saying hey look there's a girl in your race she's wearing big numbers drug samples jumped off the truck and went to grab the number and as he did that i actually didn't see him coming and i didn't hear him until the last minute when i heard these leather shoes in a different pace from the rubber shoes and i turned like this and i saw this face and as i turned i got away from him then he grabbed my shirt was pulling it and went for the one on the back and in fact this is the one that was on the back and he caught the outside corner right here and with that my boyfriend who happened to be a two hundred thirty five pound ex all-american football player came running full tilt and hit the official like this jock and sent him flying.
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i saw tom hit him and at the same time when i saw tom hit him i saw him come flying across the front of me and i actually i i must misremembered this because the video doesn't show this but i remember hitting him with my knee was really really embarrassing and scary i was really quite terrified i didn't know what to do i felt like i had stepped into some sacred place and messed it up somehow i felt terribly unwelcome and i just for a split second thought maybe i should step often and go home and then i thought no if i if i step off the course if i don't finish this race. i don't stay in the race no matter what people are going to say women can't do this when it happened we weren't frightened on the press bus we were taking notes like crazy you know is
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that we know there was this is big it was big we didn't know how big it would become it was is this a become one of the great things and in sports and sports history let's be honest with the the rise of women to equality. one journalist said what are you trying to prove and i said i'm not trying to prove anything but i will tell you something that one day women is running is going to be as popular and publicize a bill as men's and i said i'll be back at boston. it was the start of a long battle for equality it wasn't until nine hundred seventy two that women were officially allowed to participate in the boston marathon. in germany sports physicians out front aachen paved the way for the women's marathon aachen proved that women had more in junior it's. just
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a little of the form of female mouth and world record holder christa violins each and her former coach manfred stefani meet again in the late sixty's christa violin sic was a medium distance runner my friend stephanie has kept all the articles from those days. for missteps there were no long distances for me back then i ran the longest distance available that was fifteen hundred meters and eight hundred before that in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven when the first women participated in marathons i had heard of this event but i hadn't taken any interest in it were interested in. women women running women running a marathon is not an entirely new phenomenon in recent years bills have snuck into such competitions from time to time a competition reserved for men since four hundred ninety b.c. but those were isolated cases however that the strong sex accepted with generosity in a benign smile they were
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a curiosity. and i. always thought women should run marathons and that they would be better relatively speaking than male or does he really pushed them he was also the first to introduce the women's marathon in one thousand nine hundred seventy three i don't prefer to earn stock and came forward with medical evidence that showed women had natural capacity and endurance and stamina he was a doctor a physician so here's work and his research gave us so much credibility and that was an amazing discovery that helped convince many many people in a simple way that women could be superior and fun arkan conducted further research into the in durance capacity of women. i know you believe that women can cope with these stresses can you explain that. so first only of course women can cope with these stresses their muscle composition makes them superior here and then have too
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much muscle mass and therefore too much water only twenty three percent of the woman's body weight is muscle that means less water she has more subcutaneous fat reserves. valve neo is a small town on the lower rhine than arkan put on the first marathon just for women here. i dated. he made phone calls and convinced women to participate the aim was to prove that women could run a marathon it was part of women's emancipation a month apart see on. the new marathon distance was perfect for cristoval and sick knee coffer schlager she started her long distance running career in the seventy's . coached by her fellow club member manfred stefani chris accomplished lega has achieved an
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incredible result ten minutes before the finish line she separated from the leading pack and created a lead of almost two kilometers just before crossing the finish line she looks like she's running a few hundred metres on a training run looking completely fresh and running with excellent style she's heading towards a new european record. you're not completely exhausted no you're not in any way dr van ark and this confirms your theory that women are also suited to running marathons definitely i followed the race particularly over the last ten thousand meters during which most runners performance drops she was the fastest. i remember two men accompanied us on bicycles and always slow this down so we wouldn't run too fast and would reach the finish line you really felt like the press was just waiting for us to drop like flies but we all crossed the finish line just fine. it was a milestone for many years we were leaders and women's marathon running along with
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the united states and that america was our scott and there were no other americans but half a year later dr fund can invite us to participate in the boston marathon which he paid for two months yet the first time i think i heard of him was when i. set a world record in the women's marathon and i was so excited to read about this and then it seemed that somebody else from germany was always coming through the great christa fallen sick and then he brought them to boston and they performed so incredibly well here yes it was amazing and we were really all envious and wondering what was going on in germany and if we could be a part of it so many at least women were acknowledge that as runners on par with the man. this impressive demonstration by the two hundred sixty two women runners from all
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five continents cause the international association of athletics federations to send to observe this about new york to see whether this marathon you discipline was a worthy olympic sport for women. attention around the subject groovin nine hundred seventy nine women were running their own races the way to the olympic games. it seems to be open. from that we realize that women would participate if they were given an event that was not intimidating and welcoming to them and i thought this is the way to get the marathon in the olympic games. the goal was clear the marathon women wanted to take part in the olympic games and dispel the prejudices once and for all in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the german sports show. studio even broadcast a panel discussion on the matter. back in boston at the finishing line.
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so the greeks so catherine smith says meeting one of today's race directors a conversation about the preparations to the rice. pick three time winner of the boston marathon is in the press center memories of a time when women running the marathon wasn't commonly accepted jet. skiing up and decision talking points included the safety and health of women if you allow some women to run then thousands of women will want to run many things weren't that accepted back then and these barriers to be broken down fast yes most. vendors. have trained switzer placed second in boston in one hundred seventy five.
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she traveled around the world. los angeles in one thousand nine hundred for. the opening ceremony of the olympic games. there was a new entry among the competitions the women's marathon. i had invested so much of my life and emotion and work into trying to have this moment happened and here it was it was happening and it was happening so beautifully. fifty women run a stood at the stop line in the santa monica stadium ready to run forty two gentlemen says. i think one or two laps or forget how many at the beginning then they went out and went around town and wherever.
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someone high above must lead an american when john benoit samuelson is a great great writer and another person who pushed very hard for women's equality. and we watched joan benoit samuelson break away very early in the race and there's that moment you think is this a bad mistake because she's with very experienced people but she took a huge risk and it turned out to be one of the most amazing races in history but who could ever forget her running through the streets of los angeles and heading to the olympic stadium and you know there's that tunnel that you have to go through into the stadium and as she headed toward that tunnel i was thinking how much she's like women's history in them because she's outside of the tunnel and then she goes
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into the darkness and when she comes out of that dark and she's going to be in the stadium that is going to erupt. she took the race right onto the track ran an incredibly fast lap and crossed the finish line to you know ninety thousand people screaming. and i thought this moment is important is giving women the right to vote.
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i said to my coach trevor wants this race the most is going to win it was my day at the stars were aligned for me. because i had then. i just ran my own race. this is the the payoff no not yet twenty minutes after the last person came and another woman came and go after the real last. a swiss woman named gabriele. anderson. and. she was apparently missed. water station she she had no no sugar in her body.
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cameras stayed on her for six minutes as she went around the stadium and it seemed agonizing it seemed like you know years and the crowd was cheering her and cheering her and willing her but the whole time i was also thinking what's going to happen now are people going to say women are too weak and too fragile after all it was a really difficult evening for me and i just whipped from this high to this low. i felt so sorry for gabriel anderson because she was an incredible athlete it was the next day she was bright as a button went to a press conference recovered and instead of people saying that was a terrible thing they made her
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a heroine and i said yes maybe equality is also about being allowed to be exhausted in public. the day of the boston marathon last easter monday katherine switzer early in the morning before the start . of. the race starts here in hopkinton fifty years ago it was a journey into the unknown for cancer in switzerland. today she's participating in the race with around one hundred women from her two six one felix movement. on. the road to the start her number two six one has long become a symbol. they
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were even tattooing themselves and when people send you a tattoo of your old big number and say this makes me feel fearless you have to take it seriously we decided to create a movement with this and a nonprofit called two six one fearless and to use that same vehicle to reach women who are fearful fearless women like us with running what help fearful women because it changes lives. boston katherine switzer can finally stop running. director of global two six one club network. is following the race in the media center. says quote on the stock she got to the start well which is quite a challenge in boston and then she got going in high spirits with our hundred line
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is and what was great is that we made a live recording in the exact place where the incident took place back then most of what i've said was. a second. the straw. was right. which oksana tried my pin number home again good luck thank you i recognize the hard. and. suddenly recognize realize this. was ok i would have it was. the finish line on the legendary boylston street in boston more than thirty thousand runners complete the right thank you. thank you good four and a half hours conference which completes
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a knife boston mass and thanks. to our. thanks. to our. an interview after crossing the finishing line. the american networks get in with the first questions. and he doesn't actually come out i mean in a sense oh. yeah. i feel overwhelmingly grateful for the streets of boston they started my journey fifty years ago with a very negative thing an attack by a race director trying to throw me out of the race and pull off my big numbers jock
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semple and i the man who tried to throw me out of the race fifty years ago he and i became best of friends that photos become an iconic photo is and it is when it now unless galvanized hundreds of women's rights movement. at last a little bit of peace and quiet and some time for her husband real job robinson. you know proud i think the country where you naturally because you never know what's going to happen and in america but also not really surprised because katherine is a person of such deep resolution and determination but i always thought she would do it the anxiety has been the pressure put on her for just especially this week in boston and for the last several months there are those who see the world as it is and ask why and there are others who see the world as it should be and ask why not i have always thought that perfectly fits katherine switzer the catholic catherine
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was i think the most important person in the rise a women to equality. the boston marathon will never give out big number two hundred sixty one again it's the first time in its one hundred twenty one year history in honor pioneer ronna capturing switzerland. on. for all human.
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twenty fifth on d.w. . their black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter down up like this not being able to. and i know. they can holler. you know different than the way. she traveled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it's that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. it's one of. the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the phrase like this i could never completely disappear if you see all of these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black you're talking.
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afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is d w news coming to you live from berlin a political crisis looms in germany after coalition talks collapse the head of the liberal free democrat party unexpectedly bails out of big oshie ations on forging a new government is this the beginning of the end for chancellor angela merkel.


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